Advertising on Franklin Georgia Web Site
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information for your ad.
This website has been online since 2003 and has been serving as an informative
website of the on-goings and events in and around Franklin, GA. If you visit the
website you will see if is professional designed and full of information that people visit
daily to read. We are currently getting 300+ hits per day and with our new features
that will be added, that number will definitely increase.

As a business owner or employee, you can get your business in front of 300+ visitors
to the website on a daily basis. We are offering an affordable ad program for local
businesses if you are interested.
Option One:
For $65.00 per year, you will get a professionally designed banner ad that will link
visitors to a page with information about your business, what you do, how to contact
you, etc... Business Card size. That is only a little more than $5.00 per month!
Option Two:
For $110.00 per year, you will get a whole page dedicated to advertising your
business! We will build you a custom site promoting your business with links to this
site placed on the website. We can also update your site with specials or information
you want to get out to the public

Send us an email and we will get you started today!