Members of the Heard County American Legion Post 148 recently
assisted a disabled veteran in replacing a deck needed to use his ramp
for a wheel chair.  Pictured left to right, Durell Langley, Wayne Miller and
Joel Rogers (back).  If you would like to help a veteran from Heard County
who is in need please contact Durell Langley (678-575-6945).  We are in
need of anyone who can donate their time or services.  We will also
accept cash contributions to help with this project.

The Heard County American Legion Post 148 raised money from
Post Members and the public so a Mom and Dad could attend the
Graduation of their son from Basic Training (U S Army) at Fort
Jackson (SC). The son is married and has an 18-month-old son.
This Heard County Veteran emailed Post 148 this:
“Wanted to Thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to see
my youngest son graduate Fort Jackson. He is now assigned to
Fort Gordon (GA).”
If you would like to help this program please contact Durell Langley,
Adjutant Post 148 (678-575-6945). We are looking for skills,
materials or just someone to call on to help with a project. If you
would like to make a donation, please make your check payable to:
and note for Veterans Helping Veterans,
Mailing address: Durell Langley 211 Thomas St, Roopville GA
If you would like to make a cash contribution contact Durell
Langley. Your contributions are tax deductible.
Heard County American Legion Post 148
June 5, 2018
Durell Langley received his 40 years of continuous
membership pin from Jim Bishop Commander. Durell is
the longest continuous member of Heard County
American Legion Post 148
Installed Officers for the 2018-2019 year.
June 5, 2018
Heard County American Legion Post 148
Harold Watkins, Georgia 5th District Commander installed
Jim Bishop, Commander; Durell Langley, Adjutant;
Earnest D Pugh Sr, Sgt At Arms & Historian; V D Massey,
Finance Officer; Lawrence Lipford, Jr Vice Commander;
Charles Norwood, Sr Vice Commander; Wayne Miller,
Chaplain and (not pictured) Doug Crawford, Jr. Vice
Flag Day is only one reason that June 14th is special in America.  It is a day that we honor those who
hold special reverence for our national symbol – so much so, that these special Americans all pledged
to die for that Flag if called upon.
June 14th is also the birthday of the United States Army.  Our soldiers – like all veterans of the United
States military – understand that the Flag of our country is not a mere piece of cloth but the
embodiment of freedom, hope and opportunity.
And we do LOVE OUR FLAG.  That is why we are here today.  It is also, why so many Americans wear
American Flag pins.