Flat Rock Campground, established in 1876, is located on Georgia Hwy. 34 and offers a
picturesque setting for group gatherings under an historic arbor. The surrounding landscape
exemplifies the unique geology of Heard County.
John G David Dining Hall
Internet Photo from the Library of Congress
Sharing our Community with the World
7:00pm Wednesday, August 14th - Rev. Tony Morris, Ephesus Baptist Church

7:00pm Thursday, August 15th - Rev. Mark Williams, Centralhatchee Baptist Church

7:00pm Friday, August 16th - Rev. Neil Awbrey, Glenloch Baptist Church

7:00pm Saturday, August 17th - Rev. Lynn Janney, Ridgeway Baptist Church

10:00am Sunday, August 18th - Rev. Scott Hannah, First Baptist Church Franklin
Flat Rock
2013 Campground Meetings Schedule