Deserted farmhouse. Heard County,
Georgia May 1941
Jack Delano - Photographer
Heard County Lumbering - J Delano
Franklin, Georgia
School children in Heard County
The one remaining ferry in Heard County, Georgia
Son of Mr. Strickland
Well in Centralhatchee
First Paved Road in Heard County
Jury Section in the Heard County Courtroom.
Miss J. Kent, in charge of welfare work in Heard County
Projecting movies in the school
auditorium in Centralhatchee, Georgia,
for those who can't get to town. Heard
County, Georgia
Making matresses from surplus cotton in Centralhatchee. Heard
County, Georgia
View from the general store in Centralhatchee. Heard County, Georgia
Gas station in Franklin, nine o'clock in the evening. Heard
County, Georgia
T. H. Lipford in his store in Franklin. Heard County, Georgia
M. W. Lipford in his general store in Franklin.
The remains of what used to be a prosperous store in the
once-thriving community of Liberty Hill. Heard County, Georgia
Bank in Franklin
Flat Rock Camp Ground
Church in Centralhatchee
Interior of Black School in Heard County
Brush fire near remains of an old house in Heard County, Georgia
Main Street in Franklin Georgia, Heard County
Mr. McCutchen at the News and Banner